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Above Ground Pools

If you’re looking for a complete pool package with all components and tools you need to swim – you came to the right place!  All of our above-ground pools come complete with the Liner, Pump, Sand Filter, Maintenance kit, Start-Up Chemicals, Ladder, and more!  H&H has been selling high-quality above-ground pools since ’87 and knows exactly what customers want.  Check out all of our models below and order yours today!


Round Above Ground Pools

1500 24x52 Model

The 1500 Series features all steel construction – with 6” steel top seats and 7” steel uprights. The 15002452 is a great option for those that want a 24’ pool at a lower price point. This pool comes as a complete package ready for install and comes with all of the components needed!

Almost Gone!

2000 24x52 Model

The 2000 Series pool is a great entry level pool that offers a few more options than the 1500 series such as a full print liner and a rust resistant stainless steel panel for the skimmer and jet return.  This pool comes as a complete package with everything needed.


7000 24x52 Model

The 7000 Series features an all-resin design – with 7” resin top seats and 8” resin uprights. This model also comes with a stainless steel service panel to prevent rust. The 70002452 is for those looking for a premium above ground pool experience, with top of the line equipment and components like its 25-mil beaded liner. This pool comes as a complete package with everything needed!


Get Everything You Need

All of our Pool Packages come complete with a premium maintenance kit that includes all of the essentials for keeping your pool clean.  Each Maintenance kit comes with a Telescopic Pole, Algae Brush, Skimmer Net, Vacuum Head, Thermometer, Test Strips and a Beach Ball!


What You Get with Every Pool

A-Frame Ladder

Schedule 40 PVC

Pool Pump

Free Chemicals

Premium Sand Filter

Free Water Testing

Robust Documentation

Premium Customer Support

Have More Questions?

We understand that buying a pool is a big decision and we’re here to help with any questions you may have to make sure your buying experience is 100% top-notch.  Customer Service is our #1 priority.