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Triple Grip Deer Feed

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From the fertile lands of Alabama comes the premium choice in deer nourishment, the Triple Grip Deer Feed. Meticulously formulated by leading agricultural experts, this top-tier deer feed is engineered to foster healthy and robust deer populations, ensuring a natural flourish in Alabama’s diverse ecosystems.


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Triple Grip Deer Feed

Sustainably Crafted in the Rich Soils of Alabama

Product Description

From the fertile lands of Alabama comes the premium choice in deer nourishment, the Triple Grip Deer Feed. Meticulously formulated by leading agricultural experts, this top-tier deer feed is engineered to foster healthy and robust deer populations, ensuring a natural flourish in Alabama's diverse ecosystems.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior Nutrition: Our feed is packed with a harmonious blend of vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, promoting optimal growth, better antler development, and enhanced reproductive health. The Triple Grip formula guarantees to nourish deer at every stage of their life cycle, backing them with the nutrition they need to thrive in the wild.
  • Natural Ingredients: Sourced from non-GMO and locally harvested crops, the Triple Grip Deer Feed stands as a testament to pure, uncontaminated, and natural nourishment. It's a delightful blend of corn, roasted soybeans, peanuts, and a myriad of natural grains, fostering a healthy diet that deer naturally gravitate towards.
  • Triple Grip Formula: What sets our feed apart is the proprietary Triple Grip formula, a perfect harmony of taste, texture, and nutrition that keeps deer coming back, thus providing a dependable solution for hunters, wildlife photographers, and nature enthusiasts aiming to attract deer to their preferred spots.
  • Sustainably Produced: Crafted with a deep respect for Alabama's rich biodiversity, our production processes adhere to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, safeguarding the environment and its precious wildlife for generations to come.


  • Wildlife Enthusiasts: Whether you are a hunter scouting for a bountiful season or a wildlife photographer waiting for that perfect shot, Triple Grip Deer Feed will bring deer to your favorite spots.
  • Conservationists: Aiding in the healthy propagation of the deer population, this premium feed is an indispensable tool for conservationists looking to nurture and grow thriving deer habitats.
  • Recreational Feeding: Perfect for those serene weekend getaways where you sit back and enjoy the majesty of Alabama’s deer gracefully visiting your backyard or property.

Directions for Use

Sprinkle the feed generously in your designated area, preferably near natural deer habitats. The enticing aroma and rich flavor profile of the Triple Grip Deer Feed will naturally draw deer into the feeding zone.

Available Sizes

Available in 50lb bags, at our H&H locations.

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