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2000 18×52 Pool


?Skimmer, Vacuum Head, Wall Brush, Telescopic Pole, Test Kit, Thermometer, and Beach Ball
?6 bags of shock, 1 bottle of algaecide, and chlorine.
A-Frame Ladder (FREE) +
24 +
Step-1 +
Frog Chlorinator +

The Frog Chlorinator System helps reduce need of chemicals by killing 80% of the bacteria in your pool. Why spend all summer cleaning when you can enjoy it with the FROG system.

Liner Guard +

The Liner Guard helps protect your investment by providing a tough layer in between your pool liner and the earth underneath.

Ladder Pad +

The Ladder Pad protects your liner from normal wear and tear from ladder use.

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About this 2000 18×52 Pool

  • 25-mil Emerald Uni-Bead Liner/ 22” Carvin Filter, 1 hp 1 speed Pump/ A-Frame Ladder.
  • 6” top seats, 7” uprights. Stainless Steel Service Panel.
  • Good economy option.
  • 7,700 Gallons.
  • All Steel construction.
  • Warranty: 1 year of 100% coverage, then 25% coverage for the life of the pool.


Professional Installation Services

Pool Installation is done by a trusted and professional third party contractor that has been installing our customers’ pools for over 5 years. Professional third party installation includes land grading up to 12″, spreading of sand, and installation of the pool.  Installation does not include sand, electrical hook up for the pump, or assembly of ladder. Once you purchase your pool online, we will reach out to you to set up installation. The customer will pay the installation company at the time of install.  If you choose to install it yourself or have another contractor install the pool, that is completely up to you.

Installation available within 25 miles of any H&H store. Installation prices are listed below based on location:


Pelham, Hueytown, Trussville, Gardendale:  $850.00
Decatur, Cullman: $900.00
Oxford, Montgomery, Gadsden: $950.00
Huntsville: $1,000.00
Muscle Shoals: $1,000.00
Andalusia: $1,050.00


Tupelo, Columbus: $1,000.00


Warner Robins/Byron:  Call store for pricing


What to Expect during Install

  1.  Installers will leave a 2’ weed and grass-free barrier around the perimeter of your pool. It’s recommended to put pea gravel or rocks in that barrier to reduce the chance of weeds growing under your pool and piercing the pool liner. It is very important to always maintain the 2’ barrier around the perimeter of the pool.  Note:  This only applies to customers paying for Gradework.
  2. All customers that purchase a pool will be required to have their sand delivered prior to the pool being installed.  H&H does not provide sand, however, we can recommend a few companies for you to use.  This pool requires 4 yards of masonry sand.  The installers will treat your sand with a granular herbicide that kills nut grass and other weeds that can pierce the pool liner and cause leaks.
  3. Heavy equipment will be coming on your property.  Make sure you know of any underground lines, plumbing, water lines, gas lines, etc. before buying a pool.  Expect your yard to look completely different than it does now, because it will.  The dirt the bobcat digs up will need to be placed somewhere in your yard, so pick a location for that to go.  The installers do not haul the dirt off for you.
  4. You will need to hire a certified electrician to come out after the pool is installed.  They will need to bury a dedicated 10 gauge wire, on a 20 amp breaker, and install a GFCI outlet on a post 1 foot from where your pump will be.  Extension cords are off limits and not capable of running the pool pump. Using an extension cord will void the warranty on your pump.
  5. These pools come wrapped on pallets available for customers to pick up as soon as they come in to our store.  A full size pick-up truck or a trailer is preferred.
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