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RV Covers 

General Information

Metal RV Covers are perfect for protecting your RV’s, large boats, livestock trailers, or other equipment from harsh weather conditions. These covers can be a simple roof-only structure, or partially or fully enclosed to further maximize protection of your valued investments. The best part – we install and stand behind our RV Covers with our team of installation professionals!

Customizable Options for RV Covers

· Sizes: RV Covers are typically 12’ to 16’ wide, by 35’ to 45’ long, and 12’ to 14’ tall.

· Available in Standard Round Roof or Vertical Roof.

· Enclose or Partially Enclose Sides and Ends with 29-Gauge Metal Sheets.

· Add Gable Sheets on Ends.

· Add Roll-Up Garage Doors, Walk-In Doors, and Windows.

· Choose from several Carport Body and Trim Colors.

Advantages of Installing a Custom RV Cover

· Protect your valuable possessions such RV’s, boats, tractors, and equipment.

· Enclosed RV Covers are perfect to fully protect your RV or other possessions.

· The functionality of our customizable RV Covers are a great fit for businesses and municipalities of all kinds..

· With a wide selection of colors and customizable options, H&H’s RV Covers Garages can be built to complement an existing structure, such as your home or business.

What Size Should your RV Cover Be?

· The most common sizes of RV Covers are 12-16’ wide by 35-45’ long by 12-14’ tall.

· Measuring the width, length, and height of your RV is important to ensure proper clearance.

· H&H RV Covers have a 3:12 Roof Pitch, meaning for every 12” of run, the roof pitches up 3”. A 12’ wide RV Cover’s roof peak would be 18” taller than the sidewall height. A 16’ wide RV Cover’s roof peak would be 24” taller than the sidewall height.

14 Gauge

Steel Frame

Our Metal Frames are built strong with 14 Gauge steel that is triple coat protected from corrosion and rust.  This coating provides a smooth finish.

29 Gauge

Metal Sheets

Our metal sheets are 29 Gauge and come with a 20-Year manufactures paint warranty,  and offered in many different colors.


Frame Warranty

Our American Made structures all come with a 20-Year Frame Warranty.  These are built to last and won’t disappoint!


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